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DonKracho 03/02/2021
Great module for smart home makers! For a promo price of 7$ you can't even get discrete modules. With this module you have the advantage of a clean single board design and several power options including mains power. The pin headers and jumpers are provided but have to be soldered by your own. This device is documented exceptionally good. Refer to the links at the beginning of the item description. If you don't want tp program an application just flash the current tasmota.bin (in my case it was 9.2.0). Configure the 'Module type' as Generic (0) and set the Relay GPOI pins via the Web UI, and you are done. For programmig pin IO0 has to be tied to GND while powering on (same as for Sonoff devices). You will need an external serial adapter for programming. I am very satisfied with this module and will order more.
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  • Mukul Tripathi I'm unable to program it. can you please share the picture of the connections while you programmed it? did you have to use 10k resistors and the push switches to force it into the program mode?

    Antwort 19/06/2021
  • maxwellian Thanksfor this mate, was very helpful!

    Antwort 11/09/2021
  • BG255312565 couldyou please also share what board Module you was using to program to flash it? could you please send the link to buy it ? thanks

    Antwort 02/11/2021
  • BG255312565 pleasewhat serial adapter for programming needs? could you please mention the url of it ? and flashing information. thanks

    Antwort 02/11/2021
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