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  • 26/06/2016

    Get ONVIF Device Manager software at https://sourceforge.net/projects/onvifdm/ . Use std. 12-volt dc hard drive power supply, ring ground, center +12v. Change IP address of your computer to the 192.168.1.* range. Connect through router. Run ONVIF after camera powered, it will find it. Login and enjoy. You can now change ip address of camera. Or watch with VLC, enter Network: rtsp:// Or used supplied software – that works too. Very good, high-end IP camera, may be too complex for some. Docs would help out a lot, but hey, this is China who needs those? In any case, many thanks to the hard-working, underpaid Chinese engineers and production staff that designed and produced this fantastic, full-featured, state-of-the-art camera. It is ridiculously under priced. And just to be clear, that was not a sarcastic comment. Con: Bad marketing types in China for thinking we Western people have no need for documentation and It does get a bit warm and I hope that it will continue working.

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  • 01/06/2016

    The manual is as others has said not very good. Therefore I have made two images that will describe the most basic. One of them is information from the CD, the other is information found on the net. Search for "ipcamtalk top-201" and you will find a good forum. I got Top-201 but the descripton shows Top-308. Don't know the difference, but 201 is good. It has no IR capability, but the low light sensitivity is very good. Infact better than a cheap D-link with IR, except in complete darkness (indoors). I believe my camera has a IR-block filter even if the description says not. It is possible to stream to VLC and grab snapshots. See image. I use it together with iSpy softare that is free. If you use IPCamviewer (android) on your local network, use these settings: Make : Unknown Brand Model : DVR-9008HV TCP Port : 34567 (default setting) Channel :1 Remember to add IP-address and user /password as well. Information found at ipcamtalk. I have bought one more camera, so I am satisfied.

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