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  • 26/05/2018

    perfect for DIY progect

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  • 10/11/2016

    + works with standard FT232 usb-serial adapter + additional analog inputs - there is no label for voltage and freq - not sparkfun module - difficulties with implementation of low-power mode (cutoff DC/DC and LED)

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  • 23/07/2022

    Super aufgeregt, mit diesem Board zu arbeiten. Ich habe die 5V-Version mit brillanten Ergebnissen verwendet, also freue mich darauf.

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  • 21/07/2022

    Es ist ok, ich muss es nur versuchen. Danke

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  • 25/07/2016

    Parfait pour réaliser des projets miniaturisé. Nécessite un module FTDI pour programmer cet arduino.

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  • 07/12/2015

    Bought 10 of these 3.3V units as I wanted to use them with the NRF24L01 wireless boards which need 3.3V. The arduino clones are good value at about £2 each. As has been noted they are cloned sparkfun boards, but don't have any marking to say the voltage or speed. I hadn't read the tech notes in detail, so to check out the first one I connected my spare 12V lead acid 'power supply' to the RAW input so I could measure Vcc and make sure it was 3.3V. However, it seems that these units are a bit picky about the input voltage, and 12V is too much as it blew the on board regulator chip. No obvious damage and the board still runs fine (it was running with Vcc=8V for a few seconds while I checked!) but the regulator no longer regulates. All the others I bought still work ok (checked by powering from 5V through the FTDI connector, producing 3.3V on Vcc) So in short, no problem with the unit but don't use 12V as the raw input voltage - stick to something lower.

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  • 01/09/2015

    Nice board. Cloning the original Arduino Pro Mini is absolutely fine. It's open hardware. Cloning the silkscreen with the sparkfun logo is cheesy and wrong. Also, I wish the boards where labelled proper which variant it is. Once you take it out of the box you can't tell if it's the 5v or 3.3v variant.

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  • 11/07/2016

    I got 5V instead of 3.3V. The voltage is not written on the board.. It took me a lot to understand why they did not fit with other devices, which work at 3.3V.

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  • 05/04/2017

    Al probarlos con el FTDI no funcionaban ninguno, hasta que revise las patillas y vi que estan en otra disposicion que los arduino pro mini de 5v y 16 Mhz. Una vez comprobado eso y simplemente colocar boca abajo el programador FTDI ya me han funcionado correctamente los 5 recibidos.

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  • 01/02/2023

    Waren, die mit der Beschreibung konform und rechtzeitig versendet werden. Danke!

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