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  • 30/12/2020

    Gutes Produkt, Layout, Montage O.K. Messungen innerhalb der Spezifikation. Leistung >1W @912MHz, Gewinn 31dB, Versorgung: 5V/2.1A. Aktive Kühlung empfohlen! Angezeigter Plot wird mit Pin -10dBm und 30 dB Ausgangsdämpfung gemacht.

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  • 27/02/2019

    My experience with this device is very limited and this is only a preliminary comment. I put a good rating because the item that worked without giving me any problem increased 23 Db the Db the intensity of a LORA signal that was initially down to -58 Db. The remote receiver detected the amplified signals and decoded them the signal without any transmission errors on a 915Mhz central frequency, 14Khz bandwith and 4/7. I powered the device with maximum 4.8 VDC and 0.5A. I never tried with 5V as in a previous trial with a now defunct amplifier, as soon as I set the voltage precisely on 5V DC, the device current absorption jumped to 2.2A, the chip overheated and it ailed after 3-5 seconds. I read on some web site that this device is extremely sensitive to over-voltage and it should not be exposed to voltages above 7.2VDC. They recommend 5VDC as optimal voltage. However it can work with a slightly lower voltage. If your design is not already consolidated, I suggest that you use a protection diode on the + and use a regulated voltage, regulated current PS set at no more than 0.5A as results are already very good with with 2.5W power and non optimal antenna. I would add an extra heat sink on the chip to extend its life expectancy.. .

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  • HalAnd

    This rf amp functions as advertised and does it well.

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