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jcromwell 08/03/2021
The machines itself is outstanding but has wrong power setting. it says 220v on the machine the plug says 250v and 10amps. When I run it you can see the big spark in the motor and then a smell for a while and then it comes down, It could be just at the start it is the case with most machine. So the circuit inside may not be of good quality assuming? However, I am electrical Engineer so I changed the fuse to 3 amps rather than 6 amps and this sort of fixes the problem for a while, after I changed the plug fuse to 6 amps the spark at the start did not appeared in the motor and also there was no more smell. So instead of 10 amps use 6amps or even lower fuse. Now, it may blow if you go lower but still the machine is good qualitity except this one smmall stuff and also good price.
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  • leven 250V10A on the plug just means that is the aximum rating for the plug, has little to do with the "power setting" on the machine

    Antwort 20/09/2021
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