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Dave1 2019-11-15 21:10:46
I have the 100M version. The good:it will measure to 100M with apparently decent accuracy. I tested it against a tape measure up to about 4ft. It was very good here. The bad, I did not receive an english manual, but most of the operations are obvious enough no manual needed. Except for me the pythagorean measurement. I had to find info online to figure that out. Apparently some versions can display angle and grade, mine cannot, as far as I can tell. And finally, for me, the most disappointing thing is that the red "pointing" laser is just not that bright. I have dificulty seeing the dot beyond about 50ft or 16M. And this was on a darkish day with heavy overcast. I would love to see a green pointing laser, or an optical sight. Another feature it could use would be a tripod socket as my hand isnt that steady to hit a smallish target at 50 to 100M! Still I give this a high rating as it is relatively inexpensive and does what it claims to do.
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