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  • August-30 2017 18:46:59

    The electronic part of the controler wich is the most important seem good and well designed.. But i have encountered a big problem with the wire connections. if you use soft wires and dont want to tighten them it's Ok. But if you do as me with wires enough large and hard for accept the current, the connecting junctions will not works, screws will turn and no avance to tighten them. So I have been forced to change those little parts with second hand parts molded and more resistant. Sorry for the

  • July-31 2017 10:25:23

    Gracias,llego en excelentes condiciones y rápido

  • September-18 2017 05:00:27

    Verpackung Gespart --Risiko einer Beschädigung ist sehr Hoch bei Lieferung---

  • ali_12
    April-19 2016 08:02:37

    It eorks good.show voltage and AH

    Kommentar (2)
  • January-14 2020 11:24:41

    It working extremly well

  • December-14 2016 03:30:08

    Purchased this solar charger in the summer. I also purchased a 10 Watt solar panel from Banggood. The solar panel and the charger are both placed on/in a play house for my kits. The project was to collect rainwater in 2x200 liters barrels, which was then supposed to be used for watering the garden in dry periods. I have a small 12 Volt water pump for watering. To avoid drawing a real power cord from the main house across the garden to the play house, I tooth that a solar panel and a battery with a

  • November-13 2016 18:03:39

    This PWM solar regulator allows an adjustable float voltage up to 15 volts which is useful. Typically solar regulators have the float voltage set around 13.7 v but at this level much of the energy from the sun will be wasted as the bulk charging phase will be over prematurely and the regulator will switch to float charging and the batteries will absorb little charge. Adjusting to a higher float voltage allows a longer bulk charging / absorbtion charging phases. Search max smoke for a detailed explanation.

  • June-14 2016 14:31:44

    Does everything expected except does NOT DISPLAY AMPS or AHr - even though it is shown as such in the pictures and the characters exist on the display and internally there is a current measuring resistor and so the data must be available to the processor - so why not display it ??? therefore Quality derated to 3* (there uis no option about technical performance) Otherwise it is a good unit and working well. It is not MPPT - the PWM refers to the operation mode when the battery is nearing fully charged

  • September-11 2016 12:07:57

    Relatively good charger for the price. The only thing is that it seems to cut off solar panels too soon when the battery isn't completely charged. This can be configured in setting by bumping the voltage up but better way would be to control the current instead. Otherwise a good spare controller.

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  • April-25 2019 03:38:28

    So easy to connect, auto-voltage, clear indication of charging, and most of all, it has rugged construction. I have the 30 Amp version, so at 2 panels with maximum of 16 Amps, this unit can handle the current easally. Does not run hot, only little warm. Keep rear of unit in ventilating air, by using support stand off bushings when mounting on a wall. I am very satisfied with this regulator. Recommended !


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