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Stephen 06/08/2020
Okay, so I wasn't expecting much from this smartwatch with a price tag so low and I pretty much got what I was expecting. Pros: -The screen is bright, colorful and responsive. -There are many display choices, including using your own photos. -It does allow for imperial units and the 12 hour time format. -Bluetooth calling works surprisingly well. -Who can complain about a $15-$20 smartwatch? Cons: -The display does not fill the watch face as it shows in the photos. -As with most smart watches in this price range, the blood pressure monitor, oxygen sensor and other health monitors do not seem to be very accurate. -I have not been able to get notifications to work. -Battery seems to die quickly. -App and watch are not extremely easy to understand when trying to set up.
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  • BG873549102 hi... iwant to ask about blood presure and accurate is it? have you compare with the proper tools..

    Antwort 27/02/2021
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